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An installation consisting of twelve games, experiments and visualisations on data-ownership and the monetary value of personal information.

Collect that one

Guess that one

Play cards with online behavior. Ask for information about peoples’ health, conditions, purchases, habits, and objectives to collect complete data sets.

The data economy is all about categorizing behavior and stereotyping people. Just three behavioristics constructs a human profile. Guess which one your opponent has got.

Bet on that one

That one for sale

Using the Internet is a gamble with personal information: An ongoing slot machine, but you don’t insert a coin. Your bet is privacy.

We are the revenue model of the Internet. Our activities are being monitored to show targeted advertisements and to tailor content to our personality. But what will ads about these activities look like?

That one inflates

Are you that one?

A pregnancy, new diet, less social media activities, injury, moving, looking for a flight ticket, or about to retire? It all affects the value of information.

Find out how much you are worth, as a product of information.

Our collection of products

Visual policy

All types of products for sale in this store display.

Privacy Policies: Legal jargon, written in paradox summations, lengthy sentences, and complicated vocabulary. Can we replace this for symbols and icons?


Podcast | Achter de klik

Behind the Click (Dutch)

#5 Om omze dienst te verbeteren |

To improve our service

The drive for innovation has run wild - in the direction of shareholder interest. Legislation cannot keep up with technology and we, the internet users, are not well established in the digital society. Can we innovate technology, legislation, market and user without exploiting data? Can we develop cyberspace, in the social and individual interest of the residents? Guests are Jos van Dijk, Joyce Baars and Marc Carton from the I-Interim Rijk - an IT government body of the Ministry of the Interior and Royal Relations.



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[Talent portrait] Talent Development, Creative fund NL

Reading tips

Social Physics | Alexander Pentland

Big data: a revolution that will transform how we live, work and think | Viktor Mayer Schonberger

Improving privacy protection in the area of behavioural targeting | Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius

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An installation consisting of twelve games, experiments and visualisations on data-ownership and the monetary value of personal information.