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Why :i:like Green

/ Own your own grant, SIDN Fund for Innovation and Internet Projects.


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/ Paul Moreno – former head cybersecurity of adyen. currently head of information security at catawiki


The Atttention Fair installation

/ Grant for Talent Development from Creative Fund NL

/ Pioneer grant, SIDN Fund for Innovation and Internet Projects.


Driving Dutch Design

A masterclass program for creative entrepreneurship, by ABN AMRO, Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers Dutch Design Union, and Dutch Design Foundation



/ production and general management: Suzan Slinger

/ programming (games) Josh Kowarsky

/ programming (:i:) Rowin Grunder

/ text editing and communication: Anne Sophie Vrolijk

/ sound design: Emile Lagarde

/ privacy policy: Hidde Bruinsma

/ personal assistent: Julia van de Vendel


/ coaching: Ralf Coolen

/ adviser: Stëfan Schafer

/ adviser: Anouk Ruhaak – freelance data journalist and software developer

/ adviser: Xander Bouwman – cybersecurity

/ adviser: Charan van Krevel – PhD international economics

/ adviser: Bart van der Sloot – institute for information law

/ adviser: Paul Moreno – former head cybersecurity of adyen. currently head of information security at catawiki

/ adviser: Arief Ernst huhn – Leader of the FreedomLab ThinkTank

/ support: Paul Suijkerbuijk – open data expert


/ shoshan zuboff – the age of survaillance capitalism

/ marleen stikker – het internet is stuk

/ douglas ruskoff – team human

/ james bridle – new dark age

/ jaron lanier – who owns the future

/ alexander pentland – social physics

/ cathy o’neil – weapons of math destruction

/ frederik zuiderveen borgesius – improving privacy protection in the area of behavioural targeting

/ maurits martijn and dimitri tokmetzis – je hebt wél iets te verbergen

/ viktor mayer schonberger – big data: a revolution that will transform how we live, work and think.

/ matt hogan – datacoup



Podcast | Achter de klik

Behind the Click (Dutch)

All episodes and links

Julia Janssen takes you on a journey behind the surface of the Internet. Because what happens on the other side of the screen when you click? The online universe has a lot to offer. But what price do we pay for access?


OCT 15, 2020 | TALKSHOW (NL)

[De strijd om het

Internet / The Battle for the Internet] VPRO & DDW Live

OCT 2020 | TALK (ENG)

[Privacy Talks] Dezeen & DDW live

OCT 17-25, 2020 | EXPO >

[Why :i:like Green] online exhibition, Dutch Design Week


[Fixing The Internet: Data Sharing is caring] Freedomlab Campus, Amsterdam


[Big Data] Design Platform, Arnhem


[Global Goals] Public Library, Oss


[TUMULTINGENT] De Krook, Ghent


[Risk Event] ISACA, Bussum


[Lentekabinet Festival] Twiske, Amsterdam


[FutureLab: Central government information management in 2030] Nieuwspoort, the Hague

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