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Julia Janssen creates awareness of the impact of digitalization on our society. By making the complexity of information technology understandable for everybody; She is creating a movement towards truth-data ownership. So that we are able to choose who knows what about us.


"Julia Janssen shows the tremendous importance of art and culture in making us think about what is happening in our society. Secondly, she shows the absurdity of the premise of permission. Because how can this be 'informed consent?'" Said Kathalijne Buitenweg, a member of the Dutch Parliament for the Green Left (GroenLinks), during a debate on the future of the information society in the House of Representatives.


/ March 26, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) > Jun 25&26 / presentation/ performance

0.0146 seconds / achter de klik / I-Interim Rijk – Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations

/ April 2, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) new date TBA / performance and live experiment

0.0146 seconds / Risk Event - ISACA, Spant – Bussum

/ April 9, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) new date TBA / exhibition / performance

0.0146 seconds / Future Lab Toekomstverkenning: ‘De informatiehuishouding van het Rijk in 2030’ (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) - Nieuwspoort, The Hague

/ May 7-9, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) new date TBA / exhibition / performance

0.0146 seconds / TUMULTINGENT, De Krook, Ghent

/ May 30-31, 2020 (postponed: Covid-19) May 2021 / exhibition

0.0146 seconds / Lentekabinet Festival, Amsterdam

/ Aug 27-30, 2020 / exhibition / performance

0.0146 seconds / Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland

/ TBA / performance and presentation

0.0146 seconds / Fixing The Internet: Data Sharing is caring, Freedomlab Campus – Amsterdam

/ Oct 17-25, 2020 / exhibition

Driving Dutch Design / Dutch Design Week 2020

previous talks and exhibition


Achter de Klik / Behind the Click

Podcast (Dutch)


Julia Janssen takes you one journey behind the surface of the Internet. Because what happens on the other side of the screen when you click? The online universe has a lot to offer. But what price do we pay for access?


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#1  Klik hier om door te gaan / Click here to continue

Introduction and informed consent

With Kahtalijne Buitenweg, Member of the Dutch Parliament and vice-chairman of GroenLinks / The Green Left.

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#2  Wij hechten veel waarde aan uw privacy / We really care about your privacy

Privacy concerns and associated values

With Marleen Stikker,  Internet pioneer and founder of Waag – institute for technology and society.

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#3  Door onze dienst te gebruiken / By using our service

Privacy as byproduct and choices

With Ruben Verborgh,  Professor decentralized webtechnology and teammember at Solid

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#4  Wij verzamelen informatie over jou / We collect information about you

Data and more data

With Haroon Sheikh, senior reseacher at WRR - wetenschappelijke raad voor regeringsadvies /scientific council for government policy

Watch #5

#5  Om onze dienst te verbeteren / To improve our services

Innovation and Internet 'users'

With Jos van Dijk, Joyce Baars and Marc Carton, I-Interim Rijk IT government agency of the Ministry of the Interior | This episode is made for the I-Interim Rijk Conference


There is a difference between the physical and the digital. In the physical world, we understand the rules. We have intuition to detect when conditions are unfair or when the power is unbalanced. In the digital world, we lack that intuition.


In the physical world, we also understand our identity. We know when to be a friend, a professional, a student, a child, or a parent, and we know how to choose which one for each situation. In the digital world, we do not understand our identity in the same way. Instead, our identity is determined by companies and institutions; it is composted by data and algorithms.


Julia Janssen is a Design Researcher, Artist, and public speaker about digitalization and society.


Studio Janssen challenges social, political, and economic implications in technology. She highlights complex and hidden patterns that are often unseen or taken for granted. Her storylines are imaginative, current, and innovative. She explains the complexity of new technical and social problems and makes people capable of formulating an opinion about new challenges. She creates room for redefinition, questions, and ideas.




During Art school (Graphic Design Arnhem, ArtEZ Institute of Arts 2012-16), she developed an interest in data and technology: user- and privacy policies, our relationship with social media, and alternative economics.


With her graduation project, Bank of Online Humanity (2016), she stated, "We have been enslaved by the data business," pointing to the economic value of personal data and the monetization of people's attention. This project won the Crypto Design Award, audience vote. From that moment, she dedicated her practice as an artist to data sovereignty and the future of the internet.


In 2017 she received a grant for Talent Development from Creative Fund NL and a Pionier Grant from SIDN fund for Innovation and Internet. Fifteen months of research about data economics resulted in The Attention Fair – An installation with 12 games, visuals, and experiments about the value of (personal).


In 2019 she started the reading out loud performance' 0.0146 seconds' – collectively, we are reading and recording 835 privacy policies that got accepted with just one click on 'got it.' This project shows the fragile position of the internet user and the manipulative strategies of internet economics.


Currently, she is working on a new project about information and identity and recently started a podcast Achter de Klik (Behind the Click).

selection of exhibitions, talks, lectures and writings

/ Feb 27, 2020 / performance and panel

 0.0146 seconds / De staat van het Internet - Waag, OBA – Amsterdam

/ Jan 27-28 2020 / exhibition

 The Attention Fair / Data Sharing Days 2020 – The Hague

/ January 27-28 2020 / exhibition

 0.0146 seconds / The Big Brother Awards, Tivoli Vredenburg – Utrecht

/ November 14 2019 / exhibition & award nomination

 The Attention Fair / ECP annual congress for the information society

/ October 19-28 2019 / performance

 0.0146 seconds / Dutch Design Week, Ketelhuisplein

/ September 19-22 2019 / exhibition

 The Attention Fair / Todays Art Festival / The Hague

 / September 21 2019 / panel

 Art & Consciousness in 2020 and beyond / Todays Art Festival / The Hague

/ August 16 2019 / workshop

 Attention Fair workshop / Cubiss, Innovation in libraries

/ June 28 2019 / lecture

 Het product van de internet economie / Symposium Post-Master IT-Auditing & Advisory,

 Erasmus Univerty Rotterdam

/ May 23 2019 / article

 :i:am the product of my own information / Pervasive Labour Union – Zine

/ April 16 2019 / lecture

 TITL 25th- conference / Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society

/ March 28 2019 / exhibition

 The Attention Fair / Beyond Data – van de Valk Hotel, Eindhoven

/ March 7-8 2019 / exhibition

 The Attention Fair / Moneylab #6 Infrastructures of Money, Siegen, Germany

/ Dec 6 2018 / presentation

 The Kick - Design for good / karibu Café, Utrecht

/ Oct 20-28 2018 / exhibition

 The Attention Fair / Dutch Design Week - Veem, floor 2, Eindhoven

/ Oct 6 2018 / exhibition

 The Attention Fair / Innovate Experience - Industriepark Kleefse Waard, Arnhem

/ June 2018 / panel

Sociale top, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations

/ June 2018 / talk

 Fixing the Internet: Privacy and Data Beyond GDPR / Freedomlab Campus

/ May 2018 / article

 Vooruit willen door achteruit te lopen / privacy-web

/ May 2018 / article

 About studio Julia Janssen / Dutch Design Daily

/ April 2018 / article

 Hoe maken we van data een werkbare valuta? / marketing facts

/ March 2018 / interview

 Wij zijn het product van onze eigen informatie /

 Talk Show - Top Names by Technology and Innovation Platform Fast Moving Targets

/ Dec 2017 / article

 Bank of Online Humanity / The Dark Side – Ontwerp Platform Arnhem

/ Nov 2017 / panel

 Weapons of Math Destruction / TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

 A panel discussion about algorithmic decision making and biases in algorithms with Cathy O'Neil

/ Okt 2017 / interview

 Talent Ontwikkeling / ArtEZ Art & Business

/ Nov 2017 / exhibition

 Digital Haircut / ECP, Platform for The Information Society -  The Hague

/ Sept 2017 / lecture

 Data = currency, privacy = commodity / DESIGN MATTERS Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

/ Nov 2016 / award

 Winner Crypto Design Award, Audience vote / Paradiso, Amsterdam

career and education

 career / march 2018

 Guest teacher / HKU Graphic Design, third year students, research projects, Utrecht

 career / May 2017 – Nov 2017

 Graphic Designer and Creative / Samdexy maakt merken, Arnhem

 career / Sept-Dec 2016

 Temporary coördinator Graphic- and Interaction Design / ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem

 career / Sept-Dec 2015

 Graphic Design Intern / Lesley Moore, Amsterdam

 education / 2012–2016

 Graphic Design (BA) / ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem

Based at the FreedomLab Campus Plantage Middenlaan 62, Amsterdam

New & in development

Aug 2020 - March 2021/ New project

non-discimination by design


Developing principles for ethical Ai. Commissioned by the Dutch Government.


The principles will be developed by a small team of lawyers, data-scientist and political scientists – under the direction of Bart van der Sloot.


Julia Janssen will take part as the designer of the principles and publication of the research.


April 2020 / performance

FutureLab: informatiehuishouding van het rijk in 2030

Jan 2020 / interview

Data Sharing Days 2020

Otc 2019 / page 3 in national newspaper

De Volkskrant

"Binnen 0,0146 seconden wisten 835 bedrijven wie Julia was. Ze vatte het angstbeeld in een kunstwerk" photo by Raymond Rutting

Dec 2019 / Speech and performance

Dutch Data Protection Authority

"What does 'informed consent' mean, when one-click on 'accept' has 835 destinations?"

Oct 2019 / national television

VPRO de Toekomstbouwers / Future Builders

Nov 2019 / page 17 in national newspaper


"826 pagina's aan privacyvoorwaarden: ‘Met één klik geef je al je data uit handen’"

Oct 2019 / interview national radio

NPO radio 1, 8:00 journal

Oct 2019 / interview on national television

Editie NL, RTL4

May 2019 / interview national radio

BNR digitaal, BNR nieuwsradio

Sept 2018 / 1 minute portrait docu

Talent Development

Sept 2018 / interview

Talent Development




Data & Identity}


watch #1 Klik hier om door te gaan / click here to continue

watch #2 Wij hechten veel waarde aan uw privacy / We really care about your privacy

watch #3 Door onze dienst te gebruiken / By using our service

watch #4 Wij verzamelen data over jou/

We collect data about you

watch #5 Om onze dienste te verbeteren/

To improve our servivec

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