Standards are all around us, and we live in a society were we really can’t live without them. But I thought it would be interesting to understand the function of standards but also its limits.


For me, the ultimate standard is the IKEA Lack table. I think everybody in the world knows IKEA and got something from their in their houses. The Lack table is one of their most sold products. It is a side table which cost only €7,99. It is available in different colors and a very basic piece of furniture for your living- or bedroom.



I quite didn't understand how it is even possible to create this table for under €7,99 and still make a profit, so I took this value as the unit for a new money system: The Lack Currency. To research how standardization makes it possible to create things so incredibly cheap.


Lack magazine is about all things you can do with a Lack table: how much Lack it will cost you to buy one designer table, how you can decorate and bedazzle a Lack table in a uniquer one and how you can build your own Lack table- for just only 14 times the price of the IKEA one.