The Attention Fair.

Do you WhatsApp with friends? Instagram memorable moments? Binge-watch series on Netflix? Snapchat pictures with bunny ears? Browse the web? Use Google Maps? Track your running progress with an application? Of course, you do. You love the internet and the opportunities it has created. As do I.


However, using these services require something in return. Something that is easy not to notice or consider. You pay for them, with data. It seems a logical exchange; service for data. But since the amount of data you produce is ballooning, so is the power of big-tech companies.


Your data is the revenue model of the Internet. By generating, analyzing and combining this information, companies personalize content, target advertisements, predict and even manipulate your behavior and needs.


Currently, you, the producer of personal data, have no control over what happens with it. You are a packaged profile of habits, desires and preferences. You are their product, sold for the highest offer. You have been enslaved by the data business.


The Attention Fair is an experiment about the future of ownership rights of personal data. Because you are the product of your own information. I created the system, but you supply the data.


How much will you be worth?


This project is funded by the Grand for Talent Development from Dutch Creative Industries and the SIDN fund for innovation and Internet