Multiple Reality is a publication of my thesis research about the influence of mass visual culture on our perception of reality. We are constantly overloaded with images, coming from different sources. The speed of the internet and amateur journalism made that checking those sources isn’t priority anymore. Nobody knows when an image is manipulated, cropped or places out of context. Fake news pop’s up everywhere and got published by wel known new-sources. We are constantly creating our own reality, which made that the difference between ‘fake’ and ‘reality’ is fading. The ‘real’ is manipulated and the ‘fake’ will become reality.


The book got a Japanese binding with two text layers. The first one you see while browsing the book. It seems an compelling and correct text, but when you start reading more carefully and check the source, you will notice the text is fragmented, manipulated and placed out of context. When you cut open the perforated edges, you will discover the complete and correct text.