‘We care about your privacy’ is the most commonly used first sentence of tech-companies their privacy policies. But what comes after that? Endless lines with information, loads of pop-ups and links. An unreadable and inaccessible text. To make these more readable, I designed a visual language for privacy policies. These flags carry the chapter ‘what kinds of information do we collect’ of the Facebook data policy, version April 19, 2018, in the visual language.


Currently, privacy policies are non-negotiable and created by platforms themselves. You have to accept these, to use the service. In the system of data stocks, you will be the one controlling your data. Meaning you should be the one creating the policy. How do you want your data to be used? What information may companies know about you? Do you want to trade with commercial companies, or donate data for scientific research or innovation? It’s your choice; you make the rules this time.


In this experiment you get to create your privacy policy, using the visual policy language. You can create a statement and give your opinion about how the future of data economics should

look like.