Julia Janssen is a Design Researcher, Artist, and Public Speaker with a background in Graphic Design. In 2016 she observed, “We have been enslaved by the data business” since then, she devoted her practice to this issue.


Studio Julia Janssen investigates the social impact of technology: The changing definition of privacy, ownership rights of personal information,the monetary value of data, and the future of (digital) identity. Trough games, performances, experiments, visualizations, and presentations, she creates different perspectives on (hidden) patterns in society.


 exhibition / January 27-28 2020

 The Attention Fair / Data Sharing Days 2020 – The Hague

A project in the spotlight:

 exhibition / Okt 6 2018

            The Attention Fair. / Innovate Experience - Industriepark Kleefse Waard, Arnhem

 talk .     / June 2018

            Fixing the Internet: Privacy and Data Beyond GDPR / Freedomlab Campus

 article    / May 2018

            voor uit willen door achteruit te lopen / privacy-web

 article    / May 2018

            about studio Julia Janssen / Dutch Design Daily

 article    / April 2018

            Hoe maken we van data een werkbare valuta? / marketing facts

 interview  / March 2018

             Wij zijn het product van onze eigen informatie / Talk Show - Top Names by

            Technology and Innovation Platform Fast Moving Targets

article     / Dec 2017

            Bank of Online Humanity / The Dark Side – Ontwerp Platform Arnhem

 panel      / Nov 2017

            Weapons of Math Destruction / TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

            A panel discussion about algorithmic decisionmaking and biases in algorithms

            with Cathy O'Neil

 interview  / Okt 2017

            Talent Ontwikkeling / ArtEZ Art & Business

 exhibition / Nov 2017

            Digital Haircut / ECP, Platform for The Information Society -  The Hague

 lecture    / Sept 2 2017

            Data = currency, privacy = commodity / DESIGN MATTERS ‘Moneytalks’

            – Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

 award      / Nov 2016

            Winner Crypto Design Award, Audience vote / institute of network cultures

            - Paradiso, Amsterdam

Career and Education

 career / march 2018

 Guest teacher / HKU Graphic Design, third year students, research projects, Utrecht

 career / May 2017 – Nov 2017

 Graphic Designer and Creative / Samdexy maakt merken, Arnhem

 career / Sept-Dec 2016

 Temporary coördinator Graphic- and Interaction Design / ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem

 career / Sept-Dec 2015

 Graphic Design Intern / Lesley Moore, Amsterdam

 education / 2012–2016

 Graphic Design (BA) / ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem

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