The Internet is a medium where we can be who we want to be. You can easily

hide behind another identity or create a character you really want to be.

For this project I wanted to show that we actually learn from a very young

age to create another identity. ‘The Sims’, ‘Habbo hotel’ and a lot of other online games encourage you to make an alter ego and play with this ‘perfect’, ‘utopian’ life. ‘Doll Maker’ is also one of those, is it a digital Barbie

doll that you can dress however you like. It is a very early state of the pursuit of creating “perfection”. This is a portrait of every hairstyle what

is available in this game. A rainbow of digital identities.

Original project started in 2015. Digital Haircut is re-designed for the exposition at the annual congress of the ECP, Platform For InforamtionSociety. November 16, 2017