collect that one

Card Game / 4-6 Players / Inspired by ‘Quartet’


There are many ways in which we create digital footprints about our behavior: personal data. Some are obvious; what we share on social media, what we ‘google’ or what we order in webshops. But we show a lot more specific, intimate and complex data when we are online. Data that is interesting for companies or institutions to learn about who we are. In this card game, you will play with all these kinds of information that we, consciously or unconsciously, give to companies.


Part of The Attention Fair. installation


The Attention Fair is the result of 15 months

research into the (future) of ownership rights

of personal data. An experimental game installation, consisting of 12 games, visuals and experiments each visualizing a part of this research. This project is about sharing knowledge about the current data economy, creating awareness on the problematic situation we as ‘producers of data’ are currently in, and exploring the possibilities how to become the owner of our data.